Hello Network, the new social networking app from Orkut founder, let’s you focus your interests; here is how

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Hello Network, a new app from the founder of social networking site Orkut, will let you discover posts and communities of your interest. Unlike other social media platforms, hello Network is meant to only show relevant posts from friends based on common interests or hobbies. Announced in India in May, the app is currently available on Google Play Store and App Store as an ‘Unreleased’ version. This means the app is in beta or development phase and may be unstable.

To get started, hello Network users need to select at least five hobbies or ‘personas’ as the company likes to call it. You can choose to go with ‘Anime Fan’, ‘Animal Lover’, ‘Artist’, ‘Baseball fan’, ‘Car Buff’, ‘Chef’, or hundreds of other personas showcased by the app. Try opting for more than five, and you will get a message that reads, “Persona slots full”. Keeping in mind the Indian audience, personas like ‘Cricket’ and ‘Bollywood’ have also been added. The app adds support for the country codes and languages as well.

In an email interaction, Orkut Buyukkokten, co-founder and CEO of hello Network, told the reason why personas are limited to just five. “When our users pick five interests out of a list of over 100, they end up picking out the ones that they truly care about. As we grow, our interests and passions change. One of the great things about hello is that you can switch your personas at any time,” he says.


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Hello Network app shows you a personalised ‘folio’ or feed that contains posts or ‘jots’ of common interests from other people. Of course, hello Network is not for everyone, especially not for people who are used to glancing through all kinds of random topics on social media. The personas are limited to five, which makes the app highly specific.

So how do the creators keep a tab on whether people are actually posting content of their interest? “Hello introduces a top level of passion categories we call personas. When users post content, they tag personas. That makes all the content is organised, relevant, discoverable and searchable,” the hello Network co-founder explains.

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