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Made in India coronary stents as good as foreign ones, study reveals

Posted on September 30 2018

Indigenously made coronary stents are as good as those manufactured in other countries by multinational companies, according to a recent scientific study.

The study’s findings were presented at the prestigious international conference on Non-Surgical Cardiac interventions — ...

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World Tuna Day 2018: 5 delicious tuna dishes to cook for your loved ones

Posted on May 2 2018

Tuna is a significant source of food and it is known worldwide for its economic importance. On May 2, the United Nations (UN) established World Tuna Day to raise awareness about the relevance of tuna across the globe. Observed for the first time in 2017, the day also calls to promote su...

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‘Kali… At least I’m fairer than you’: This poem calls out society’s lack of acceptance of dark-skinned women

Posted on April 16 2018

If the recent disturbing events in the country are anything to go by, then they point towards one thing being a woman in India is not an easy existence. Given how the obsession with fair skin runs deep and beauty is often determined by the colour of the skin, it is even more difficult if you have...

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In India, more women suffering from anaemia, men from diabetes: Survey

Posted on

Owing to rapidly changing lifestyles, nearly 40 per cent women in India suffer from anaemia than men, while over 20 per cent men suffer from abnormal sugar levels than women, revealed a survey by SRL Diagnostics, pressing the need for preventive health check-up.

Nearly 80 per cent of pe...

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AI’s dirty little secret: It is powered by humans

Posted on March 6 2018

There’s a dirty little secret about artificial intelligence: It’s powered by hundreds of thousands of real people. From makeup artists in Venezuela to women in conservative parts of India, people around the world are doing the digital equivalent of needlework — drawing boxes aro...

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Hello Network, the new social networking app from Orkut founder, let’s you focus your interests; here is how

Posted on March 3 2018

Hello Network, a new app from the founder of social networking site Orkut, will let you discover posts and communities of your interest. Unlike other social media platforms, hello Network is meant to only show relevant posts from friends based on common interests or hobbies. Announced in India in...

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Chinese man’s rectum fell off because he was sitting too long on the toilet

Posted on February 11 2018

Are you one of those who likes to utilise their loo-time for something else? Using the time to multitask, while doing your daily business?There are many around the world who like to read the newspaper and play games while pooping. And if you are one of them, then let us warn you that prolonged se...

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Deepika Padukone looks vibrant in a melange of happy colours on a magazine’s latest cover

Posted on January 30 2018

Deepika Padukone must be on a career high, but when it comes to putting her best fashion foot forward, the Padmaavat actor is just as compelling. While she was in the Capital to attend her father and badminton legend Prakash Padukone’s felicitation ceremony looking b...

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Enjoy the street food of Bangkok in wintry Delhi

Posted on January 28 2018

Want to try some morning-glory stir-fried with yellow bean sauce, garlic and chillies? Or maybe deep-fried white snapper with cashew nuts and dry chilli? Or perhaps some refreshing steamed sea bass fillet in lime, garlic and kaffir lime sauce?

“Streets of Bangkok”, a gourmet...

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Men can ditch the jutti and opt for brogues for their wedding

Posted on January 18 2018

Sunil Mehra, Founder and Designer at Sunil Mehra and Ambud Sharma, Founder of Ligo Group/ Escaro Royale, have shared style tips:

* Embroidery and prints: The 2017/18 wedding season isn’t that much about the fabrics as much as bold textures. Textures are making exceptional style st...