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Culture News

Putting the Mekhela Chador back on the map: Assam designer Sanjukta Dutta wins Dada Saheb Phalke Excellence Award 2018

Posted on April 23 2018

In 2016, right after Bipasha Basu claimed on social media that the Mekhela Chador is simpler to wear than a saree, Sanjukta Dutta’s fortunes turned. Basu had just walked the ramp in one of Dutta’s red and white Mekhela Chadors — the two-piece Assamese attire — de...

Culture News

‘I’ve grown up around women, my work is about women’

Posted on April 16 2018

It’s well past midnight at a printing press in Saki Naka, a neighbourhood in Mumbai’s Andheri East, that sounds more like a family-friendly Japanese restaurant than a bustling business district. In one of the dimly-lit rooms inside, four women are hovering over a man in handcuffs; in ...